Does counterparty have smart contracts? (ie: stock options? - this is the main thing I want)

Stock options are really cool to invest with.

But to implement it, they need the ability for the counterparty protocol to read time- I figure it could do this by counting blocks, or for contacts being executed at a certain block - ie: at block 500000, the paramaters are read and the contract is settled. Is this already implemented?

Other than that, can one asset read another asset? (Again I’m trying to just be able to trade options here).

ie: say a contract was made that Storj (which is already traded on counterparty platform) will be above “x” price on block 500000. And if so, “y” amount is paid out.

Is the protocol already programmed to be able to do this?


What you are describing is probably something that can be done with smart contracts. You can test out the smart contracts on testnet

You’re right its probably in testnet, I’m just trying to figure out the answer though from any experienced users/devs without having to dig through testnet for hours, does anyone know?

Yes, you can use Counterparty bets now, see for an example.

You need to create enhanced feed info for that (unfortunately the old Wiki is dead and the new one was deleted, but post here if you have any further questions):

Getting this functionality to the mainnet is currently the main priority of the core devs. With some patience, all of this will be simple and effective for anyone to use. Crypto is still experimental in general, so it just needs some space to develop.

For now, developers can try it out on testnet.