Decrease minimum BTC trade order amount

[Slack conversation] For these (2) FLDC-BTC orders placed with FreeWallet; Xchain has an error message in the status: “invalid: btc order below minimum”

Which was the same error using CounterWallet about 6 days ago (which I know won’t work):

This sell order for 0.0035 BTC was OK (, but those other orders were lower amounts.
I’m not sure what the magic number is to meet the minimum BTC requirement. Do you happen to know?

(JDog) Is that something you can warn people of, and prevent Freewallet from placing invalid orders on the blockchain?

People Folding get about 10k FLDC a month, and it would be nice if the minimum BTC order size could be smaller?

JDog’s response:

I’ll update freewallet to throw an error if the BTC order total is less than 0.001 BTC
No such minimum BTC amount exists with dispensers

[Theknystar] mentioned for the BTC minimum limit: interesting… personal opinion but it should be lower.

There was also this thread about it:

I like the idea of lowering the BTC minimum for DEX orders to something like 0.00001 (about $0.10 USD currently). This would make using BTC on the DEX much easier for smaller value amounts.

With the price of BTC continuing to rise, I think making this adjustment for the next release makes sense.

This would be a protocol change, so we would need to do a new release/version bump.

I’ll create a PR and if the consensus is that this is an acceptable change, we can get this change merged into the next release.

Edit: pull request created at

Curious to hear @chiguireitor 's thoughts

The way I see it is that even if theDEX has an order out for each unit being valued at less than the average successful tx fee the whole order filled would most likely be for multiple units. Therefore I see no minimum needed.

I would indeed like to lower the minimum, current one doesn’t makes sense at all.