.001 min_btc_quantity in counterpartylib/lib/messages/order.py

Is there a historical reason for min_btc_quantity being .001 in counterpartylib/lib/messages/order.py? (line 584 on current develop branch)

In August of 2014, the CP protocol was amended to introduce a minimum for */BTC orders - specifically, no order would be matched if the BTC side of the order was less than .001 BTC. That was when Bitcoin was about $500, and such a transaction would carry a $0.50 minimum BTC size. Now the minimum is closer to $7, but earlier this year it was at $20.

I cannot find any reference to the reasoning behind the change - I assume it was to limit spam transactions or unmatchable nano-value transactions, but this minimum only applies to BTC, and no other asset-to-asset or asset-to-XCP transactions, where $USD values can conceivably be much lower.

Due to some (admittedly edge-case) issues I am having fixing a broken bitpay-capable website, I am contemplating making a pull request to update the min_btc_quantity and move the decimal to the left by one or two places, but I would like to understand the historical reasoning behind the original change at block 313900 before I do so, in case there’s something I’m missing here - which carries a high likelihood.