DATABITS/BTC order pending


When I try to place a buy order for DATABITS/BTC pair, my order is pending. I set the highest transaction fee but its still stuck after few hours. Can you help me with this?

Using BTC on the DEX requires 3 steps

1.) You list an order to buy a token for BTC
2.) Your order matches with someone selling a token for BTC
3.) You have 20 blocks to send your BTCpay payment transaction, or the order match expires.

Since you (or the other party) is not completing step 3, your order match is expiring.

I would suggest you use desktop wallet and the exchange interface as it has a built-in auto-BTCpay feature which will automatically send the BTC payment when an order match is detected, allowing you to place orders on the DEX and have them act similar to other asset/token pairs.