CP roadmap and features comparing to Coloured coins

I have some general questions hat I hope are not already covered elsewhere, if they are my apologies.

  1. is zero conf on CP possible? The wallets I have seen all must wait one confirm before I see the transaction. Is this because the wallets don’t see a CP transaction before it is mined? If so then isn’t this a very big barrier to use?
  2. if we get CLTV implemented then can we expect to be able to have a working DEX that can cross with BTC as well?
  3. where is the metadata for tokens stored?
  1. Yes, to the same degree zero conf on bitcoin is possible. E.g. blockscan.com shows unconfirmed transactions.

  2. Yes, the DEX works with BTC … kinda. After a match, the party who buys the asset must transfer bitcoin. If he does not, the transaction is cancelled (no risk of loss of fund though). In Counterwallet BTC is deactivated in DEX for this reason but make another wallet with this feature activated.

  3. In the asset description. You may also link to json file with more info.