Counterwallet Transaction ID

When sending XCP to Poloniex from my Counterwallet, I was asked for the Bitcoin address I wanted to send it to. Everything seems to run from a BTC address so I never gave it a second thought.

It seems the transaction has disappeared and Poloniex support told me I needed the Transaction ID to hunt it down. Nothing shows up in my history from the transaction.

How do I get the information on this transaction?

Log back in to Counterwallet. Copy your address.
Search for your address on, or

That is not correct. You would not be asked for a bitcoin address. You would be provided with an address. When you go to Poloniex - Crypto Asset Exchange, you see your assigned Deposit Address.

I don’t understand what you actually did, but in case you sent BTC to an XCP funding address or vice versa, you need to know the transaction ID and JPJA explained how to find it.