Counterpartyd hotfix (Dec 11, 2014) + mandatory upgrade to v9.49.0 by block 334000


  • v9.49.0 (2014-12-11)
    • hotfix: numeric asset names (protocol change: 334000)
    • sanity check on transaction construction
    • minor bug fixes
1) As always it is mandatory to upgrade
2) Upgrades can be performed anytime (like, right now), but at block 334000 counterpartyd servers running 9.48 will stop

Example of upgrade procedure on Windows 7 with counterpartyd v9.48:
* Stop counterpartyd and move “c:\counterpartyd_build” to “c:\counterpartyd_build.9.48”
 Start Windows console as Administrator
C:\>git clone
C:\>cd counterpartyd_build
After this is done open another Windows console and run "counterpartyd server"
C:\counterpartyd_build>counterpartyd -V
C:\counterpartyd_build>echo off
counterpartyd v9.49.0
C:\counterpartyd_build>counterpartyd server
C:\counterpartyd_build>echo off
Status: Running v9.49.0 of counterpartyd.
Status: Checking version.
Status: Acquiring lock.
Status: Connecting to database.

A counterparty DB reparse will happen because one of the fixes is related to long asset names.

In the meantime 9.49.1 was also released.

Since I already had upgraded my counterpartyd on Windows and Federated Node on Ubuntu, I only had to do this:

1) Stand-alone counterpartyd: 
run with the “update” option.
Win: python.exe update (Run as Administrator)
Ubuntu: sudo python3 update

2) Federated Node
Follow the procedure at the top of to start, then choose (U)pdate from Git. It took just a few minutes as bitcoind and other programs were not rebuilt.