Cloud sale, is difficult to be understood

I, publicity of cloud Sale of Coin prism is not successful.
So, we sell the asset of “counterparty”.
“Tokenly” is vending can not be so one month 7 $.

Today need 28BTC
I will promise to buy back.
I’m looking for “YUMECOIN” buyer

I, sad not to be understood.

In COIN, will you have interest to investors if there is a kind of charm?

I, painful in the last few months fundraising.
I could not go to 10 days company.
I know how to make a virtual currency of the asset type and search this period net.

I do think the guidance of God you.
I want to be successful fund development.

I am creative activities while working

So let it be written; so let it be done

Thank you for reply

I have to resolve the problem, you can deal with when you’re 3BTC today.

I also do my best to be able to acquire a lot of work