Propaganda method of cloud Sale

I made an asset in the category of receivables Coinprism.
Because I do not If you do not collect just today 28BTC, I want to advertise.
But, I do not know how that can be advertised to the world.
Propaganda method, please tell me the diffusion method.

It appears there is a problem with the translation. Translating to English or from English is easier in small sentences. Use simple ideas. Use short sentences with less than ten words. Complex sentences are misunderstood.

翻訳に問題があるようです。英語または英語から翻訳する小さな文章で容易です。シンプルなアイデアを使用してください。 10未満の単語で短い文章を使用してください。複雑な文章が誤解されています。

Hon’yaku ni mondai ga aru yōdesu. Eigo matawa eigo kara hon’yaku suru chīsana bunshō de yōidesu. Shinpuruna aidea o shiyō shite kudasai. 10-Miman no tango de mijikai bunshō o shiyō shite kudasai. Fukuzatsuna bunshō ga gokai sa rete imasu.

Thank you very much.
I am not good at English.
I have been using the Google translation.

I in one day today, there is a need to collect 28BTC.
Please tell me if there is a good advertising method.

Maybe Tokenly can help?
You can sell tokens with the Swapbot.

Else you can use the DEX.

Thank you very much.
I would like to thank. to you

I will immediately confirm this URL.

Now, it issued a 800YUMECOIN for sale on 8000XCP.
Now, it is in the procedure.
It will be reflected in a little more Once market.

I would like to thank. to you

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