[closed] Looking for a Python or Node.js developer

I am looking for a developer who’d help me create a simple CLI-only program for data management. 

The main requirement is to be familiar with Counterparty or Bitcoin in general.

Preferably he would also have Python and/or Node.js or other experience that would be suitable for this project (which is server-side, no GUI, data management related, so the knowledge of filesystem/data processing (RESTful API) would be advantageous as well).

References from the Counterparty development community and examples of prior work would be appreciated.

This small project involves creating a basic server-side app with no GUI (curl or similar would be used to interact with the app).

* Estimate: 10-15 hours of development. 
* Payment: XCP or BTC, 50% paid in installments after each milestone agreed upon at the beginning, 50% after the last milestone. The entire amount can be escrowed in advance.
* Confidentiality: I would ask for a proof of identity and a simple confidentiality agreement 
* Contact: send me a personal message.

Thanks to those who responded, this is now closed.