Beginning the Counterparty Improvement Proposal (CIP) Process: CIP 0001

Hi everyone.

I think it is time to implement a Counterparty Improvement Protocol to better allow the community to improve the counterparty protocol and agree on standards surrounding Counterparty.

With the your approval, dear community and founders, I’d like to volunteer as the editor for the CIP process. Editors do the administrative and janitorial work of assigning CIP numbers and keeping the github repository clean. All discussion and building community consensus will happen in the open, pimrarily on these forums and in the Counterparty slack.

With that said, I’d like to introduce CIP-1, which is heavily influenced by BIP-1.

Once we have community consensus on this CIP, we will merge it into the Counterparty CIP repository and it will become CIP 1.

I’m looking forward to improving the protocol together and furthering the Counterparty community together.


Appreciate the effort but the way I see it the only thing that could improve this protocol (and attracting users and developers) is finishing what was started with the Ethereum VM port, focusing on other minutiae risks redoing the work Ethereum already did and probably resulring an inferior product/service offering since Ethereum VM will likely be the dominant design for smart contracts execution at least for the next 30 years, like Bitcoin is and will continue to be the dominant design for eCash for the next couple generations.

However I recognize that this formalization of process is needed and I applaud you taking this one.

Ok. CIP 1 is live!

Now we can begin the process of any formal proposals.