Can'f find an address

Sorry, maybe it’s a dumb question. Times ago I wanted to play with the driveshare app, I bought some Storj coins, probably transferred them to my counter wallet account and then added the 19PtFyxq3jriHGa8dt6iECBKtt7WyYoFv4 address to my driveshare app as payout address… Now I would like to uninstall everything and withdraw my storj coins. I logged in to my counter wallet account but I can’f find the address 19PtFyxq3jriHGa8dt6iECBKtt7WyYoFv4.

If I import however as a “watch only address” this address I get the message “this address is already in your wallet”. But I looked everywhere and I can’t find it… Anyone who can help with this?

Thank you


If your passphrase is almost correct, e.g. you wrote sigh instead of sign, you will log in to an empty wallet.

Try CounterTool’s repair tool -

Try clicking “Create New Address” a few times and see if the missing address re-appears.


Thank you @jdogresorg, that helped!