Assets not show in blockchain tool

Hi i am going to test storj and for that i bought sjcx.
So to enter the test you had to get 10,000 sjcx
Now the test almost is starting some other member of the storj community detected that the address i have with the funds in it does not show up at all on the blockchains.

When he tried to look how much funds i had on the btc address, he noticed the address does not appear to exist ?!?
When i logon to for instance i see the address clearly with the funds attached.
The other issue is that the second address which i might use for testing also kinda not shows up at coindaddy
When i logon to counterwallet at coindaddy the second storj test address is not present at all ?!?

How is it possible that they do not show up at both the counterwallet sites and most important why does the above mentioned address seem to not exist.

this is very odd… I always start with the easy questions :smiley:

  1. Are you sure this is the correct address, as i have never heard of this issue. Many times I have heard the issue of an address dissapearing, in that case you simple create a new address until you get the one that disappeared.

  2. in order for the SJCX to have been sent to the wallet, there would have to be a bitcoin transaction. I do not see a bitcoin transaction on the network with that address.

Can you please double check the address and make sure you have it right? If you confirm this lets continue troubleshooting :smiley:

That address is not valid.

oh wow, thats true. I just looked at the blockscan bitcoin transaction side, but this address isnt recognized on trail or chain. @Matt_Y you may want to see why blockscan doesn’t report this as a miss address also @jdogresorg for coindaddy.

Sorry guys it turns out to be my machine doing weird things, it seems to be a hardware issue.
MSI has asked me to check if the cpu is mounted properly and to check if non of the cpu pins are bend.
I am loosing characters at will in text and even in documents i safe.
After several virus scans did not detect any bad things i moved over to see what else was wrong.
So we detected the second problem usb drives/sticks/mouse/keyboard which gets detected are seen but do not start working nor is windows showing them and alot more of similar weird things. Like inserting the windows DVD in the drive and the DVD not seen by the system.
So gladly this is not a counterparty problem but turns out to be a insane os or hardware issue. But my gut feeling sayst it must be something like the mobo or the cpu.
Thanks anyway going to figure out if the issue can be solve or need a new machine. (sidenote it just became 2 years old (read no warranty)

The issue is that the address entered above is NOT A VALID ADDRESS

You say you sent your funds to 14dbfCwQuApdYJRUy4EAtTZULzFi99gg and that they should be there… however your address is actually 14dbfCwQuApdYJRUy4EAtTZVLzFi3i99gg

14dbfCwQuApdYJRUy4EAtTZVLzFi3i99gg = VALID address
14dbfCwQuApdYJRUy4EAtTZULzFi99gg = NOT VALID address

When looking at the VALID address it appears that 10K SJCX was in this address until yesterday, then it was moved.

At any rate

1.) Your issue with SJCX not showing up in your address is due to the address being invalid

2.) Your issue with addresses not showing up in counterwallet automatically has been addressed in StorJ chat as well… the fix is simple… just click “Generate New Address” a few times and any missing addresses will appear.

3.) Sorry to hear about your computer dropping characters… hopefully it is just a bad CPU or MOBO and is easy to fix. Good luck :wink: