Can we create segwit address in counterwallet already?

Can we create segwit address in counterwallet already?

Counterparty already added support for SegWit in the latest release 9.56.0 which was released in December.

When a user logs into Counterwallet, a traditional address and a SegWit address are automatically added to their account. In the screenshot below you will notice a segwit address (starts with bc1)

You can also add additional segwit addresses to your wallet by clicking the ‘Create New Address’ button and then selecting the ‘Create Segwit Address’ option


This screenshot shows that the wallet now contains 1 regular address and 2 segwit addresses (starts with bc1)

@jdogresorg you’re correct, but @foldinger these addresses do not work properly right now.

@chiguireitor is on it, but the problem is still not resolved. I’ve received errors trying to send bitcoin and xcp from BC1 counterparty addresses since Jan 2018. I also have not been able to make purchases on the DEX using a BC1 address.

For now, stick with addresses that begin with a 1.