Tokens lost in segwit address

Hi all.

I’ve sent my Covalc tokens to the counterwallet a couple of months ago. I decided to split the tokens into two separate addresses in the same wallet. I am sure it was in the same wallet since I double checked if they had arrived.

Now two months later I check again and I only see 1 balance and the other one is gone. Turns out that was a segwit address to where I send my tokens too. Not sure if that matters, but how do I get access to my tokens?

I have tried these methods already:

  • Creating a bunch of new segwit address, but the one i lost didnt show up.
  • sweep in the private key into another wallet, did not work.
  • tried counterwallet, coindaddy, freewallet and freeport.
  • imported the address as watch only. It’s in there, but I cannot send them.

Any help?

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I had to remove all the addresses and then add a new segwit address and the coins showed up