BTC transactions with middle priority not confirmed

Hi. all.
My btc adress:
Yesterday and today all transactions with middle priority not confirmed…
What is problem?
Any know?

The “problem” is that many people want to get transactions into bitcoin blocks at the same time, which results in competition among those transactions, which means that the TX fees go up. Your transactions are not going through in a timely manner because your not paying a high enough transaction fee and there are lots of others who ARE paying the higher transaction fee to get into a block before you.

You can view the mempool (queue of how many transactions are waiting to get into blocks) at

When you send a bitcoin transaction, if that transaction needs to confirm within a few blocks (ie, needs to confirm fast), then you should increase the amount of bitcoin you pay for the transaction.

Have no fear, your transactions will confirm eventually… probably shortly after all of the higher-paying transactions get written to blocks.

But i use middle priority, not low priority.
I paid 0.5$ per transactions it is big fee i think.

Sounds like you should have used “High Priority” if settling the transactions in a timely manner mattered. :stuck_out_tongue:

You need to understand that your $0.50 fee is also competing against 40,000+ other transactions at this moment, including people who are moving large amounts of funds and who have no problem paying way more than $0.50 in transaction fees.

Fee (btc/kB) 2 blocks 0,00180761
this mean 0,000001765244140625 per byte
in my transaction
147.159 sat/B = 0,00000147
What is wrong???
i set hi priority and nothing change. I can`t set fee more in wallet.
transaction not confirmed!

Can i reload unconfiremed transactions?
I mean return to balance and send again?

I just checked and those transactions have all confirmed. :slight_smile: