Attempted to send 10 SJCX

I sent 10 SJCX awhile ago to my Poloniex account the fee was around 1.50$ when isn’t it supposed to be 0.50? Where did my dollar of btc go. Also I haven’t received my money in my Poloniex account.


1.) Bitcoin transaction fees are dynamic… when fewer transactions are pending, then the cost is lower, when there are a bunch of transactions pending (as there are now), then all the transactions are competing to get into the block, and the transaction fee goes up. This is how bitcoin is supposed to work.

2.) Since you made a deposit to Poloniex and it has not shown up yet, you should be asking Poloniex support about where your deposit is, and give them your transaction hash… Unfortunately polo occasionally has issues with detecting customer deposits and it sounds like you ran into that issue. Reaching out to customer support on should help you resolve your issue.

Hope this answers your questions :slight_smile: