BTC amount is not accurate

I am having a problem with the value in my counterwallet for BTC.
In the counter wallet, it has a balance of 0.00045162, which is not enough to transfer from my FLDC to BTC, however, in my gemini account for this address I have 0.00567785 BTC, which is enough to make that transfer.
Is there some reason why this is out of balance and is there any way that I can correct this so that I might transfer the FLDC?
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to get my pay for work that I have done towards the folding project.

Thank you


I guess the gemini account shows total value in btc? So it adds up btc value and fldc value in btc? You can check your real balance on when you enter your counterwallet public address.

Easy solution:
If your current btc is not enough for transferring fldc to a coin exchange to convert it to btc then you need to transfer e.g. 0.001 btc to counterwallet first. Or even more to be prepared for the future.

Advanced solution:
The reason why your 0.00045 btc is not enough for FLDC transaction fee is because it consists of many small dust values which cannot be used for transaction fee. The dust btc values 0.00005340 btc each you get from your incoming FLDC transactions. You can regain the real value of 0.00045 btc dust values if you send all your btc to yourself again with ultry low fee 0.00001 btc/kb. But that can take some days. Then you have no dust values anymore but full 0.00045 btc minus the fee = ~ 0.0004 btc which can be used to transfer your fldc out from counterwallet. You need to use ultra low fees for that dust to full btc transformation because the fee needs to be paid for each dust. So it must be much lower than dust btc value 0.00005340 or else everything is used for fee and you get nothing back. Check at first if it is possible to send at 0.00001 btc, currently it is, best day is weekend.