BraveNewCoin - Counterparty Is Pioneering Bitcoin 2.0

In a recent press release on the 4th October 2014. Counterparty revealed it is powering over two-thirds of all Bitcoin and alt-coin 2.0 startups and “ICOs” (Initial Coin Offerings). Entrepreneurs are flocking to the Counterparty platform for the free, open and secure peer-to-peer financial markets accompanied by some interesting financial instruments.

  • Create a coin (token) for promoting your brand or performing a crowd-sale. Easily distribute profits or interest to your users and partners.

  • Trade your own token, as well as bitcoins or XCP with your peers, safely and easily. Counterparty matches and completes your trades automatically.

  • Easily speculate on the outcome of future events and hedge against price movements of currencies, commodities, and virtually anything else. – Break out box

The three founding members of Counterparty joined forces in late 2013. Evan Wagner reached out to Robby Dermody and introduced Adam Krellenstein. With their mutual interest in the disruptive qualities of Bitcoin 2.0, they came to the conclusion that the world’s financial markets could benefit heavily from decentralization. The decision was made to build a solution. Krellenstein began work on a reference client known as Counterpartyd and the foundations for Counterparty were laid.

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