What is Counterparty?

Counterparty is an innovative peer-to-peer financial platform that leverages the bitcoin blockchain.

Unlike Wall Street and other centralized financial institutions, Counterparty provides open, secure financial tools and markets that do not require a trusted third party or middleman to use. The first of it’s kind, Counterparty aims to democratize finance in the same way the Internet itself democratized creation and sharing of information.

Counterparty inserts additional data into normal bitcoin transactions which allows Counterparty to live op top of Bitcoin. The data Counterparty includes in Bitcoin transactions allows for the following additional features:

  • Token/Asset Creation
  • Create your own currency (coin)
  • Issue a crypto-equity (and easily pay dividends to shareholders)
  • Decentralized Exchange (DEx)
  • Peer-to-Peer Betting (binary bets)

Some of these features are demonstrated in videos here:

Others can be experienced on counterwallet.io (or counterwallet.io?testnet=1, for testnet)- try the test and main wallet for free now!