Brave New Coin has listed Counterparty!

Hello Crypto World

We are proud to announce and that Counterparty has been listed!

In this Brave New World of crypto-currency, a solid and transparent Price-index and Global Spot price is essential

Our vision is to collect and display ALL of the data in a true form and outline methodology transparently - we have the staff and resources to ‘keep on top of it’ as coins are added and removed from exchanges + other factors. We want to be THE index for all Crypto. Hence "home of Crypto"
This is why our Bitcoin Price represents the market more accuratly than other indexes - because 4 exchanges don’t represent 99.9 % of traded BTC in ALL fiat currencies.
+ we will offer a price index and rich data in such fine details for ALL reputable or notable Alts coins! - Boom!

This is is all Phase 1 - Much much more coming under phase 2 & 3:
- The IOS & Android versions are also already in-development.
- Personal Portfolio Manager
- Accountancy Software plug-ins
- Embeddable price tickers
- EPIC EPIC EPIC data-visualization ideas
- Research (We will have all the data - think about it)

Everything for now is free - Only the later services may have a cost - like accountancy plug-ins/retailer software etc

Enjoy - Let us know feedback

Twitter: @bravenewcoin