Bounty: eCommerce plugin

Hi all, Jonathan of here. I was thinking about a merchant’s user journey on Counterparty, and discovered there’s a critical piece missing from if merchants want to start accepting Counterparty assets. Currently, it looks like this:
[li]    Issue asset on Counterparty[/li]
[li]    Set up Vennd instance to sell asset[/li]
[li]    People buy asset[/li]
[li]    Process all redeemed assets manually[/li]
[/list]It simply doesn’t make sense to use Counterparty in that light. As such, I’d like to declare a bounty for an eCommerce plugin (for something like WooCommerce or Magento) that can accept Counterparty assets. I’m starting off by donating 100 XCP to the bounty address:


Further bounty donations are appreciated. Additionally, this is my first bounty, so if I’m missing anything please let me know and I’ll update this post.

Do you have a running example of a hosted vending machine or maybe just an API to reference?  I’m curious what the interface looks like.

BTW I’m really excited about, hope the project is coming along well.