Blockfreight™ [ BFT:XCP ] tokens | Open of availability is 1 Jun, 2016

I am Julian Smith, CEO & Co-founder of Blockfreight™ | The blockchain of global freight.

Just a PSA that our [ BFT:XCP ] tokens | Open of availability is 1 Jun, 2016.

If you are interested in our company or our tokens - please ask me anything.

I tried to visit the site and there is nothing on the site.

1.) What is BlockFreight?

2.) how is BlockFreight using the blockchain?

3.) What asset name will you be using on counterparty?

4.) What would the [ BFT:XCP ] tokens be used for?

Way-back machine will show the last site.

As we have [ BFT:XCP ] tokens | Open of Availability on Jun 1, 2016 we are updating the site now. (actually it’s a personal responsibility of mine… Apologies for the downtime).

Will be re-publishing more material in the next 24 hours, I’ll notify you when we up.

On your questions:

A1. Blockfreight™ is the blockchain for global freight.
A2. Blockfreight Inc builds the Blockfreight™ blockchain.
A3. Counterparty asset is BLOCKFREIGHT
A4. Blockfreight™ [ BFT:XCP ] token is the network fee for adding a TX into the block.

If you have any other questions fire away. Thank you for taking an interest.

Julian Smith, CEO
Blockfreight™ [ BFT:XCP ]