ATTENTION: Please update to 0.3 version of counterparty to fix BTCPay bug

This has been talked about at length on the official thread, but some people have not gotten the message.

[size=2em]This is a public service announcement. [/size]

[size=2em][color=red]A bug was identified recently in the master branch that resulted in incorrect BTCpay orders, resulting in some people not getting the XCP that they were supposed to get. If you sent out a BTCpay but did not receive XCP, or you are planning to purchase XCP, please do this:[/color]

[/size][size=2em]1. Check to see if your BTCpay shows up as [/size][table][tr][td]
[/td][td]Invalid: no such order match ID[/td][/tr][/table][size=2em]on this page:
2. Update to the latest version of counterpartyd. (download the installer, or do a “git pull”)
3. Try to buy again a small order of XCP
4. PM PhantomPhreak or another dev with your transaction to request a reimbursement in XCP.

Thank you.

[/size][size=1em]PS: Again, realize that Counterparty is alpha-quality software and that these kinds of things, although extremely rare, do happen.[/size]
[color=red]Disclaimer: The code being released here is of alpha-quality and under heavy development. You should expect to encounter significant bugs when using it. It is even possible that a bug might cause you might lose some money. The Counterparty team will do everything in its power to prevent this from happening, but this technology is very new, and the implementation is not yet well-tested. In particular, we may at some point have to change the Counterparty protocol in a not backwards-compatible way, if such a change is necessary to fix a bad bug or an exploit. As always, don’t invest more than you can afford to lose.[/color]