[ANN] [XCP] PTCRYPTO www.ptrcypto.com/buy-ptcrytpo

Announcing the launch of PTCRYPTO on the Counterparty platform.


PT Crypto is trying to raise 288 BTC by selling 24 Million PTCRYPTO tokens at .000012 BTC each. This capital will be used to fund the PT Crypto startup costs.

PT Crypto is a startup located in Paducah, KY. The primary services will be consultation and training for individuals and businesses who would like to start accepting Bitcoin and other digital currencies but do not have the knowledge to do so.

We will offer group and individual Intro to Bitcoin classes.
We will consult with business owners on how to setup and use Bitcoin and other digital currencies and/or applications.
We will offer our customers employees the training they may need to transact in Bitcoin and other digital currencies and/or applications.
We will assist merchants with 3rd parties when issues may arise with payment systems like Coinbase and Bitpay.
We will implement strategies to make Bitcoin and other digital currencies more accessible to the end-customer so that the adoption is easier and will encourage the end-customer to use the Bitcoin network as payment.
We will conduct community outreach to help influence local charities to accept Bitcoin.
We will launch and maintain a local website that lists Bitcoin merchants and current promotions.
We will work with advertisers to cross promote Bitcoin merchants and events.
We will work to promote outside Bitcoin related businesses and services as they become available.
We will work to promote meet-ups, podcasts and other social media to help grow the adoption of Bitcoin.

Current Focus Area provided by myself and coinmap.org


Paducah, KY is located in the heart of the US. It is a small town with a population of about 25,000. However, it is the hub of a micropolitan area that includes surrounding counties in Western Kentucky, Southern Illinois and Southeastern Missouri. It is a popular rest area and tourist attraction for travelers between many major cities including: Louisville, Chicago, St. Louis, Memphis and Nashville. Lying in the center of those 5 points is not a bad place to attract travelers with Bitcoin to spend. We will work with other existing businesses in those cities to help promote Paducah as a Bitcoin hub when they are away from their hometowns, many that already have businesses that accept Bitcoin. The goal is to grow the use of Bitcoin in Paducah and Western Kentucky as we branch out towards the 5 major cities to create a large pocket in the heart of America that embraces the use of Bitcoin and digital currencies and applications. This will require a lot of hard work, community outreach and grass roots promotion.

This is the beginning of what we hope will grow the Bitcoin ecosystem and community in our area. We look forward to providing solutions for challenges that lie ahead. We look forward to growing the PTCRYPTO community. We hope that this is the start of something special and will influence others to launch their own crypto related businesses and services.