5 Things Every Bitcoin Wallet Should Have

Five features I’d like to see to in Bitcoin / XCP wallets:

  1. Decimal digit grouping. There’s no conventional way to group decimals, like you cannot use “,” because it would be unseparable from the dot ( 58,852.123,456,78 XCP … ). Therefore you must invent a new way. One possibility is to make the 4th to 8th decimals smaller and decimals 7-8 colored in a shade of grey.

  2. USD amounts next to BTC amounts. This applies to fees too. I hate having to count decimals to ensure it not 50 cents or 0.5 cents.

  3. Aliases. Enter an asset name to get the owner’s address.

  4. Encrypted messaging. Send a message (or chat with) an alias/address. The messaging protocol should be offchain (like every other messaging protocol) but the advantage of bitcoin is that it uses private-public key cryptography so it will be a lot more practical for the end user than email, where they need to share public keys.

(Points #1-3 I implemented in CounterTools. Feel free to copy its code, fork it, or do whatever you please and build something amazing)