2 factor verification

I’m not technical, however I bought XCP for it’s futuristic technological qualities. Is there anywhere I can store my coins under 2 factor verification or where I can generate a cold storage address?

You can store XCP and any other Counterparty assets at any Bitcoin address to which you hold the private key. Really you could technically send them to ANY Bitcoin address but that could cause problems if the service in control of the address (an exchange) didn’t run counterpartyd in order to be able to send the assets back out again.

If you want to store XCP securely, you can create an address using an offline copy of Bitcoin Core, Armory, https://bitaddress.org or any other way you feel comfortable generating an address for cold storage.

As I suspected, lets say I send xcp to coinbase that would be a problem because they move funds around and would be problematic retrieving the private key to where the xcp is stored. I have a piper wallet, so I’m planning on printing an address on that and send the money to a paper wallet, I imagine sweeping the xcp back online would occur the same way as you would bitcoin and from what I can see can be done on the online counterwallet.

Thanks for your help.

Just for you own sake, be clear about what Multi-Factor Authentication means. You are talking about Two-Factor Authentication to access your own private key on a 3rd party wallet service. This is not great if the service goes offline. You should still have a copy of your keys offline.

What you really want is Multi-signature support for your Counterparty Assets, i.e. Multi-Factor Authentication at the protocol level. This is a work in progress and Adam seems to be on top of it.

That seems promising! And can understand why it is a better security feature than 2 factor verification. So I suppose for now I will keep my coins in cold storage in a paper wallet.

Yes, that is ideal for the time being. Robby talks about potential hardware wallet (e.g. Trezor) support in the future too. http://letstalkbitcoin.com/blog/post/beyond-bitcoin-17-counterpartying-with-robby-dermody

All of this will provide a powerful security ecosystem around Counterparty that will cater for almost every possible use case!

Thanks for the link, very interesting.

No problem. I should have included this link re. multi-sig too - http://www.coindesk.com/crypto-2-0-roundup-counterparty-debuts-multisig-ethereums-crowdsale-comedians-go-crypto/