XRP coins using Counterwallet

Hello all,

Using Shapeshift.io, I want to buy some XRP (Ripple) coins.
I may be wrong, but it seems that the XRP coins is not suppported by Counterwallet - I can’t find that token using exchange/market.

I an missing something ?




You want to get XRP, so in order to do that you need to have a Ripple wallet (don’t use your deposit address at an exchange!). You’re right, Counterparty supports BTC and any Counterparty tokens (XCP as the main one, and then 3rd party issued tokens such as SJCX, etc.)

Then you go to Shapeshift and if your “IN” token is XCP (or BTC), and your “OUT” token is XRP, you’d send XCP or BTC (or whatever) to Shapeshift to send XRP to your Ripple address.

Good luck!

many thanks !