XCP its possible for venezuela?

Hi. I am from Venezuela. I apologize if I bother someone with my question. I would like to know how I can get some money through this platform. I have some knowledge about cryptocurrencies, but because of the situation in my country I have not been able to grow in this world. The last money I got was stolen clumsily. So I’m honestly looking to get money through this world of cryptocurrencies. I have knowledge of web programming, design and this type of digital things. but I would like to develop something that generates income through counterparty and they have already told me about this site. but honestly I do not know how to start. thank you please, I hope for a quick response and I hope not to bother nadier. Thank you.

Yes you can use Counterparty in your project pretty easily… however you should first focus on what product or service you want to build, and then figure out how your token works into your project.

Once you create a token on Counterparty, your service can then send that token to people whom purchase it, or you can list your token for sale on the Distributed EXchange (DEX)

To get started learning about Counterparty you can view the API documentation at

You also have the option of using the APIs provided at xchain.io to get information on Counterparty to use in your project.

Hi Gabriel,
I represent Scotcoin which is on the Counterparty Protocol. We would be delighted if you were able to use Scotcoin to help in your country. Please email me at temple@scotcoinproject.com
Kind regards
Temple Melville