How make Counterwallet fees cheaper?

I’m not very experienced Counterwallet user. I made about 6-8 transactions in general in 8 months period. I remember in winter 2023 transactions could cost around $2. Later this summer they were about $7. Today fee for simple Send transaction is $17 and can’t be changed/regulated. I wonder is there any system/factors which can help us users to get cheaper transactions intentionally?

I saw topics about other wallets working with Counterparty which are compatible and transaction costs can be managed there but both pepewallet and freewallet keep saying I use wrong destination address while it’s normal “bc1” one. I also saw this topic What does "Insufficient BTC at address X (Need approximately Y BTC.)" mean? - #3 by adamgud but it doesn’t answer my question.

Also I found the replies about UTXO’s effecting on fees but it doesn’t help either. I just want to understand is there a way to get cheaper transactions using Counterwallet interface. When I use “custom fees” function it doesn’t recalculate my balance so it seems like it doesn’t work.

It really depends on the mempool size and size of your tx.

I was able to send multiple tx’s over the last few days for around 50 cents (0.000018-0.000021 BTC).

I am able to use lower tx fees using freewallet’s counterparty wallet than when using the Counterparty UI itself which seems to be broken when trying to calculate the cost of a tx.

In general, is an older software for Counterparty functions and many other wallets have some more features and documentation to handle these issues.

You can find the official documentation for Freewallet (Developed by Jdog) at

This issue you mentioned is a Counterparty issue related to UTXO’s and has been documented and is in the Freewallet User Manual and FAQ and your specific issue is denoted here.

You can find the open-source code and all the details for each release at the official Freewallet github.

Please be aware that “freewallet dot org” is a scam wallet with a similar name, but is an entirely different open-source application and its the most legit wallet for Counterparty you can use at the moment.

Remember you can also always use and other Counterparty wallets like and

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