Ways to Invest in Counterparty

There is no way to directly invest in the Counterparty protocol. But there are some indirect ways:

  • XCP is the native token of the platform. It’s used for anti-spam fees when issuing assets and paying dividends. It might also work as a currency on the DEX and for escrowing smart contracts.

  • Asset names. These are unique, and the first person to claim a name owns it. It’s possible to transfer an asset name, and with Coindaddy you can safely sell one. The more the protocol grows, the more valuable good names will become. For example, if wallets enable address lookup via asset names, then name tokens such as SMITH or JOHN are likely to be worth quite a lot. If you’re interested in a specific name, use the Skypa channel to find a potential trade partner.

  • Build a service. If you’re early and build a great service, it will likely grow together with the platform.