Want to obtain information from txid with counterparty-lib


I want to acquire asset name, quantity and destination address with API from counterparty-lib(counterparty-server) by txid.
Is there such an API method? There is no method to see the document.

For example, xchain.io and so on will return the address etc after entering the txid, are they implementing them independently?
Do I have to implement my own implementation?

Please tell me. Thank you.

You should be able to accomplish this for sends with 3 CP API calls:

  1. make a getrawtransaction API call and specify the txid

  2. make a get_tx_info API call using the result from the previous getrawtransaction API call

  3. make a unpack API call using the raw CP data encoded in the transaction

This should give you the information you desire.

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Thank you!!
It is likely to get the data I want.
I appreciate you.