How to send my asset to someone via API?

Hi, I want to send my asset to someone via API on JavaScript. I want to use API like Blockchain's wallet API. It is super easy.

I could not find the similar API in counterparty document. I am very grateful if you can suggest me how to implement it.



This should have everything you need:


    counterpartyd RPC user / password: rpc / 1234
    counterpartyd API Port: 4000 (testnet port is 14000)
    counterblockd API Port: 4100 (testnet port is 14100)

@Equality 7-2521

Thank you so much. I am trying to use the API. But I have another problem. I posted an issue below.

I think that I should fix this problem at first. After the problem fixed, I will try to send my asset.
I installed counterpartyd on my own server and I could send my asset to another address by using "counterpartyd send" command.

My issue was resolved.