Universal Poker Players coin, community sponsored: a multi billion "dollar" solution?

I think I have a solid argument for a community created/owned asset for
online poker. If so this asset could create a vacuum of value from the
multi billions dollar online poker industry.

By using the economic theories laid out in “Ideal Money”, a similar observation was laid out in “ideal poker”, this bred the solution for implementation that is called “asymptotically ideal poker” or "naj coin"

The intrinsic value comes from the efficient network set up between the players an sites that
adopt this coin (and consequently all crypto) as described below:

Today’s global poker network might not be readily comparable to Nick Szabo’s extension of Metcalf’s Law:

Metcalfe’s Law states that a value of a network is proportional to the square of the number of its nodes. In an area where good soils, mines, and forests are randomly distributed, the number of nodes valuable to an industrial economy is proportional to the area encompassed.

However if we assume a global internet landscape of Ideal Poker and the general goal is to facilitate the “probabilistic” exchange of chips from the less efficient players to the more efficient players, then the value of the Ideal Poker network becomes comparable to Nick Szabo’s formalization of Adam Smith’s works:

The number of such nodes that can be economically accessed is an inverse square of the cost per mile of transportation. Combine this with Metcalfe’s Law and we reach a dramatic but solid mathematical conclusion: the potential value of a land transportation network is the inverse fourth power of the cost of that transportation. A reduction in transportation costs in a trade network by a factor of two increases the potential value of that network by a factor of sixteen. While a power of exactly 4.0 will usually be too high, due to redundancies, this does show how the cost of transportation can have a radical nonlinear impact on the value of the trade networks it enables.

The networks’ value, is the value  that Ideal (and therefore Moral) Poker brings to our society and how Ideal and how Moral the poker network is. The “transportation” cost in the trade network then becomes the “effective rake” (ie site profits per “transaction”).

So the potential value of an Ideal Poker network is the inverse fourth power of the “effective rake”.

This outlines an intrinsic value for a  “Poker Coin


You see, the players are revolting vs the regulations, tax hikes, rake hikes, and unfavorable controls.  The industry is under monopoly setup by governments.  Collectively they are slowly realizing what bitcoin and crypto is and what it means to the poker network.  What we propose is not that sites ban together to create a network to fight a monopoly, but rather the PLAYERS create a coin and spread and adopt it, and this will be the new network, and they can get these sites below to join the PLAYERS network…if they provide a good enough service:


check out our blog https://thewealthofchips.wordpress.com/

Who is Sakura Patoshi? https://www.scribd.com/doc/247233585/Naj-Coin-the-Universal-Players-Coin

What is Ideal Poker? https://www.scribd.com/doc/224948379/Ideal-Poker

thank you, I’m starting to gain support from a solid base of players as well.  I’ve come here because I will eventually need help with implementation.  I suspect that Vennd.io would be useful for this project as well. 

The poker industry and related industries are definitely a great use case for Counterparty. I think you have a solid idea here.

This is awesome Dave, I found this after thinking about decentralized poker networks. I would really like to be a part of this email me at Rriddles149@gmail.com

Seems these guys are working to get Poker working with Counterparty assets (currency), maybe talk to them about your idea.

Seems these guys are working to get Poker working with Counterparty assets (currency), maybe talk to them about your idea.

Ha came here to post exactly that.  I did in fact send them some of my articles and they sent me back some favorites I missed explaining they were in fact previously aware of and align with my blog. I have something, a breakthrough, a missing piece, connection.  It is difficult to get it to the correct people. The concept I write about is inevitable, its huge, and it seemingly very easy to implement. 

I’m just slowly amassing the kinds of people understand what I describe and are capable of its implementation.  I am definitely hearing from more and more prominent peoples in the industries who are understanding me as opposed to the average community forum-er/player in the past that was not capable of understanding the material from lack of exposure to the crypto and economic side of the discussion.

I look forward to discussing any of this with any CP devs that understand what it takes to bridge poker sites and counter party.  I know how to construct the market mechanism for seamless implementation and integration of the industry…I need to understand or connect with someone that knows the “back end”.

The basic plan is to create a coalition of poker sites linked by a single counterparty token, what I bring to the discuss though is the “catalyst” for such a project (ie the “crowd-funding” model).