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Partner Tokens

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We’re proud to offer the most innovative online poker product yet, in the form of Bitcoin 2.0 technology. Bitnplay offers the opportunity for any user to buy one of 200 unique digital tokens, on Counterparty.

These tokens offer the rights to 100% rakeback on one Bitnplay account for a lifetime. They cost 2 BTC each to buy and they can be traded at any time through Counterparty’s Decentralized Exchange (or otherwise).

Please read the Partner’s Manifesto for a detailed description.

What is Bitnplay?

Bitnplay is a new and innovative Bitcoin poker operation. Google it if you'd like to see the recent press that has been trending or you can take a look at the Bitcointalk thread.

Furthermore, you can find more specific details regarding Bitnplay and its people in the Manifesto. This includes details regarding the use of proceeds from the crowd-sale.


  •  We have issued only 200 unique tokens
  •  Each token costs 2 BTC
  •  Each token will have a unique name in the form a serial number, e.g. BNPXX
  •  When paired with a Bitnplay account, all revenue deriving from rake (the operator’s service fee) for that account will be paid to the token holder on a monthly basis

Buying a Partner Token

To buy a token:

1. Create a Counterwallet

2. From that wallet send 2 BTC to: 1BiTNPLaYht1KqAk6vGB9TrXA1tKLo2sb

3. Within a couple of hours you will receive the token

Powered by: Vennd.io


  • To pair a Partner Token with an account please use the form on Bitnpartners.eu
  • You will be prompted to make a broadcast from Counterwallet to prove that you are the token-holder
  • To pair the token, both the token-holder and account-holder will be asked to give consent
  • The token-holder can un-pair the token without consent at any time


Please feel free to use this forum for questions, complaints and (constructive) criticism regarding the crowd-sale. If you require a more personal form of communication please use our support email: support@bitnplay.eu

Why such a low token count for a 2 BTC price? I’m just curious on that strategy since most crowd sales appear to be higher token count for a lower price with no minimum to buy. 

I think this is a great idea. If the token sales are low and the crowd sale doesn’t garner interest what is your backup plan? Will you change the structure of the crowd sale to see if this helps boost buy in? 

Would it be possible to Swarm your token since they are on CP as well? Have you reached out to them?

When the project is complete will the buy in be for BTC only or will you allow other CP assets to be used to play? 

Have you guys considered creating your own token to be used to buy-in and play with? Would you consider partnering with a CP asset token to be allowed to play on your platform?

Good luck with your project! I’m considering a buy-in, it’s just that the price is steep. Most other CP assets I have purchased prior like Swarm, StorjCoinX, XCP and GEMZ were much more affordable for everyone to buy in. 


Well after reading the manifesto, some of my questions are answered :slight_smile:

I’m glad the manifesto answered some of your concerns. To add more recent thought:

The tokens are designed to be non-divisible so that the
proposition is Boolean: you either have the full ‘rakeback’ or you don’t.


If it were a cheaper yet larger offering, then we would be foregoing way too much future revenue from potentially our highest raking customers.

The reason it is even beneficial for us to do this with 2 Bitcoins, is not really start-up capital, but the incentives we would create for the token holders as early adopters. Network effects play a huge role in poker, more than any other gambling related game.

Perhaps an improvement we could have made in the model is a tier-based offering, where the earlier you get in – the cheaper the token would be. But that also carries the risk of forgoing future revenue without any substantial capital to show for it.

After the launch, assuming we reach our targets (which we are on track to do) the deal will start weighing more beneficial towards the crowd and less towards the seller. The crowd will get to use and assess the poker room, the software; largely mitigating their risk while the offer remains the same. Moreover, as we as a business establish revenue streams and an active user base, we will have a diminishing need for startup capital. That is why the offer is limited, and shortly after the launch we will announce the closing date for the offer.

Thanks for your response! Now I definitely have a better understanding of what you guys are doing. Much appreciated.