UK Kids Football Club Sponsorship Available for Counterparty

What will this cryptocurrency sponsorship achieve? Well, for starters there is the marketing effect of a whole season of being mentioned in the media and at events – a very basic and smart approach to creating brand awareness, alongside generating interest for crypto adoption.
Cryptocurrency enthusiasts tend to be quite tribal. Football, too, is based around fanatics for the sport, clubs and their players – and when you add beer to the mix then you have a double rollover effect.
We are dealing with one of the team's based  in Brighton, Sussex, UK. There are multiple options to increase market adoption via kids football in the UK as local business always support the kids clubs.
We are looking for crypto Currencies and Crypto service providers who would like to take the opportunity in supporting kids football, you can sponsor a team or a whole club.
We already have the interest of media newspaper and TV "This is not just a simple sponsorship as we will be doing Crypto Branded beer along with an open day of free giveaways .
A Kids club has around 200 Kids and when they play there match's roughly 2000 people turn up also local newspapers cover the games so it's a win win situation all round.
Sponsorship is as low as 1600$ or as high as 18,000$ for further information contact