Trezor and Counterparty


I’m trying to retrieve funds sent to my trezor address. In order to sweep my funds into counterwallet, I need my private keys.

I asked Trezor how to get my private keys and they responded saying “With TREZOR the thing is, that TREZOR itself holds and secures your private keys, it is TREZOR’s signature security feature. However, I believe you can your the “Sign and Verify” function in this case, to prove that you own the private keys”

How do I use my Trezor “sign and verify” function to sweep funds into my counterwallet account?

Thanks in advance

Assuming you have access to a bitcoin and counterparty node, I pushed a script to github a while ago that can send counterparty assets from your trezor wallet:

Read through this thread and the response I gave there