Tool to import Counterparty balances from public address to Google Spreadsheet?

Looking for something that can grab the assets at a particular address and then parse the data with asset type and balance. Does anyone know of something like this?

You can check Countewallet source code (the sweep code). It lists assets available and lets you pick the ones you want to import.

Great. That’s very helpful. Thank you!

I don’t know of anything to copy directly into excel… but this should get you most of the way there.

This page lists off all asset balances for a specific address. Should just be a matter of replacing the address, and then some copy/pasting :slight_smile:

The data is also available in JSON format via the API at urls like :

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Actually Nick from LTB developed a tool specifically for this, but you must have a BOOKKEEPER token. I would contact @cryptonaut on LTB for information on how to get one.

Here is the announcement thread:

Here is the TCA access (remember, this link wont work unless you have a BOOKKEEPER):

And I have generated one for you (i actually used your LTB address) so you can see what it looks like:

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The JSON format is really helpful… thanks for providing that link!

That is fantastic! Thank you very much for linking to that LTB post. I just send some LTBC to that vending machine address to get my own BOOKKEEPER token. Awesome.