Spec for all transaction types?

I’d like to make JS functions to generate all tx types.

… unless this already exists. For countertools I copied send, broadcast and issuance from @loon3. In addition I added betting functionality.

Tokenly has excellent documentation of issuance and a few other tx types.

Especially DEX orders I would like a JS functions for. And also all sorts of issuances such as issue additional, transfer of ownership, and locking (not sure if these are the same type as issuing new asset).

Where to find documentation?

Regarding locking issuance.

I’m testing an initial issuance with description LOCK.
Will this lock it?

According to the protocol specifications, it should.
Assets may be locked irreversibly against the issuance of further quantities and guaranteeing its holders against its inflation. To lock an asset, set the description to ‘LOCK’ (case‐insensitive).

We’ll find out when it confirms. I used a ~10 cent fee, so I reckon it will take a loooong time.

Yes, you can lock an asset with an initial issuance using the description LOCK.

I’d welcome any contributions or pull to our counterparty-spec repository. It is still quite incomplete.