Lock token description feature?

Over the last year I have heard a few community members mention that it would be a nice feature to have to be able to lock the asset description, so that it can no longer be edited.

This would allow issuers to issue a token, and lock both the supply and the asset description independently, and would help give potential token buyers/holders confidence that not only can additional supply not be issued, but that the asset description will never change. Any artwork or metadata that the token points to will be immutable and will not change unexpectedly in the future.

With the supply and asset description locked, the only privileges an asset owner would have is to be able to transfer asset ownership to a new address.

Thoughts on this potential feature?

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To me it sounds like a good idea because more options better!

There are tradeoffs of course. This is going to cause a lot of heartache when people lock a description to point somewhere that no longer resolves the following year. Even if the asset issuer is warned to be thoughtful about locking the description, we know that if given enough rope people will surely hang themselves fairly often.

I think the compelling advantage is the strong assurance to a potential buyer or collector that the asset owner will not pull a “bait and switch”.

Unfortunately it may still be possible to change the media/content unbeknownst to the collectors depending on where that content is hosted. For a savvy investor however, this locked description means a lot if the content is inscribed on-chain, or hosted somewhere where it can’t be changed like on IPFS.

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To be fair, my “more options better” remark was a bit cheeky. Anyone who has used Microsoft Word knows this is not necessarily true. Creating a Counterparty asset using FreeWallet, for example, is not overly complicated now, so the risk of over-complicating things doesn’t seem to be an issue.

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I support this. There is certainly demand for this feature.

I can think of some other improvements for assets as well. I will find time to write these down within the next weeks. I suggest we bundle several asset upgrades later this year.

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How can I exchange or sell this token ?