appears to have a requirement that's not standard on Ubuntu 14.04

Google has not helped much.  There does not seem to be a popular package by this name that I can find.<br>I'm baffled.  I'm a pretty hot Pythonist.  I just grabbed a fresh copy of setup_federated_node because I was talking with Robby last night and he thought something had been updated.<br><br>When I comment out this import we just die later, trying to call a counterparty routine that I assume is in this import.<br><br>I see this:<br>eh@counterbox:~/Projects$ sudo python3 <br>[sudo] password for eh: <br>Traceback (most recent call last):<br>  File "", line 31, in <module><br>    from setup_util import *<br>ImportError: No module named 'setup_util'<br>eh@counterbox:~/Projects$ <br><br>Maybe I have missed some other required download that must be installed first.<br><br>Thanks for listening,<br><br>Eiríkur<br>

If you read install or upgrade instructions, you’ll see you need to get these two scripts. The latter is the missing “module”. 

cd ~ && wget -q${BRANCH}/ \${BRANCH}/ && \
sudo python3 

That did it.  Sorry to have missed that. 

NP, glad to hear that was what was causing the problem (I was quite sure but not 100% sure)!