Sell nvst to xcp done - didn't received xcp

Hi Support Team!
After sell NVST done to XCP, i still didn’t received any XCP, NVST is minus.
How can i use my NVST or XCP?

It seems there was a scam related to one seller of NVST: users were asked to send BTC or XCP to the seller’s address, rather than use the proper BTC Pay procedure on the DEx.

Did you buy any chance send BTC or XCP directly to the seller?

The way DEx works, it’s impossible to not receive something you paid for with XCP because the DEx won’t release one asset before it can exchange it for another, i.e. it takes XCP and its assets in escrow. For BTC is different because BTC can’t be escrowed, so you must use BTC Pay procedure (and not just send your money to someone’s address)