SALVATION - Only Seven -7- Cards

He who seeks SALVATION shall gaze the blockchain

Together only seven are

One on DEX

Other six are among them sinners

Who no more

Who no longer

Forever more can sell their soul

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Nice one!

There you have it - unlimited salvation :slight_smile:

I looked into it … it’s technically not locked but owned by a burn address it seems 1SaLvationGodsMarveLousGracaLgYQS
… so practically limited to seven cards, yes.

The other owner addresses are @jdogresorg and @junseth ? Sinners, maybe …? LOL

GASP Your selling your chance at salvation and entry into heaven? OMG! I am holding on to mine until I go through the pearly gates (or get a really good buy offer)

Here is the background on SALVATION :slight_smile:

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WTFudge! I want one or even 7times 7 times 7 KeK

On DEX is for 20 of them XCP