Ripple is dogecoin for bankers

I strongly suspect the reason that incumbent value routing solutions suck isn’t because the people designing these systems are stupids. It’s because the regulation was designed with ‘suck’ in mind. If Ripple intends to circumvent regulation as its efficiency, it probably won’t succeed. You know, because it’s centralized.

You’re probably not a Bitcoiner until you’ve been scammed. Thus far, there appears to be a whole wing of bankers itching to become Bitcoiners.

Let’s see if this is the first Ripple meets reality incident of many:

(Opposing viewpoints here are encouraged!)


As you know I like to say any new system is allowed to develop until it removes the suckyness inherent in today’s system.
At that point it becomes a threat, and “must” be regulated (cough, made to suck, cough).

A compliant crypto-currency is one that has made to suck like the rest of the system.
While I never owned any of those “dark” coins, it’s great that they exist.

Edit: No wonder few weeks back they (Ripple) notified their users to ID themselves to the gov’t.