Reducing the cost of timely broadcasts

Using the current model where a broadcaster provides updates to exchange rates or real-world event outcomes, every broadcast carries with it a flat cost in Bitcoin fees. Even when trading is non-existent this fee is paid and at times of high interest or volume there is no necessary increase in the update frequency. It would therefore be advantageous to separate the provision of trusted information by a broadcaster from the broadcast transaction itself. Even the fees may be deferred to other interested parties if we make an adjustment.

A possible improvement can be made as following. The broadcaster continues to monitor and provide the information upon which trades are made. They, however, do not broadcast the information on the Bitcoin network except on a certain guaranteed time frame. If a more frequent broadcast is desired by traders or others, the broadcaster can publish a transaction on their website that updates the feed more often. Then if desired any third party could broadcast that transaction when necessary.


Would the broadcasting transaction need to be confirmed before a trade occurs or can/does it happen in the same block in which the broadcast is confirmed?

Is it possible for the trader to pay the BTC fee so the broadcaster isn't opened up to additional cost for providing this flexibility? Obviously the broadcaster could offer these non-broadcasted transactions at a higher fee.