Qusocia IPO Launches on Counterparty Ecosystem

Qusocia is a highly advanced Cryptocurrency Platform based on what we like to call Hithereum, a highly advanced Ethereum hybrid. This puts Qusocia in the Ethereum 1.1 Category of coins(also considered the Bitcoin 2.5 or NXT 2.0 Categories) and is the very first of it’s kind in history. Qusocia has been in the underground scene of Cryptocurrency for nearly 3 years but since the technology wasn’t available to create our vision, but waiting around simply wasn’t an option. In the meantime, we were able to finalize our ETP Model while finishing up QBase. Everything in development right now for Qusocia is truly exciting and truly revolutionary on many levels. Storage is possible since Qusocia will be the most advanced “world computer” yet, but Qusocia aims to make that storage worth something more than many had expected when it comes to the world of Cryptocurrency.

Check out the Announcement Thread on the Ethereum Forum

There will be a total of 12,000,000 QSC when Qusocia officially launches.
5,000,000 QSCO Tokens will be available through the Crowdsale. QSCO Holders will be eligible for a Bonus if they continue holding after Launch.

In the end, all 12M QSC will be distributed to QSCO Holders and to Development according to the Pie Chart in the image above.

IPO NOW LIVE as of November 5th, 2015

-Set up a Counterwallet here: https://wallet.counterwallet.io

-SAVE your 12 word passphrase in a notepad somewhere(or write it down for extra safety)

-Deposit XCP into your account(Use Poloniex or another Exchange to transfer BTC to XCP)

-Head over to “Exchange” on the left side of your counterwallet.

-Go to the right where it says “Select Another Pair”

-Where it says “Token 1” type in QSCO

-Select XCP for “Token 2”

-You can scroll down to see the IPO and how many QSCO are left to grab.

-SAVE your Tokens for when Qusocia launches!

@Qusocia I read that Qusocia is bought by another company and the IPO is no longer planned.
Will Qusocia still use the Counterparty ecosystem though?