[Q&A] Counterparty Foundation Election 2019 Q&A

XCPelectionnotice.com reveals several things. Most concerning is the blatant disregard for cooperation. It seems that this users insists that all voting capabilities will be for himself. With this level of self importance I was concerned that any effort made as a foundation member would be out of self interest. However I was reassured by the selfless gesture promised:

IF Nominated : I will start with funding all the bounties to open up freewallet for all to use (approx 2000xcp). I will also donate 1000 xcp to future CIP funding developments.

Now that this user has nominated himself, I look forward to the fulfillment of this statement in the near future. It would show such great character and leadership, not to mention faith in the community, to follow through with this declaration. I would ask everyone to stand behind such a leader who is willing to sacrifice half his holdings in such a selfless act as to finance work from his pocket for the betterment of the system. This is the bestest no brainer choice yet! How dedicated this leader must be who is willing and able to better the community if he is in charge or not!
@Titanium when can we see these transaction IDs on the network?
I know Jdog deserves the reward