[ANN] Start of the Counterparty Foundation 2019 Election - Nomination Period (Jun 10th - July 1st)

FYI, Koji Higashi was already a community director in the past and did a great job. He was always full of creative ideas and eager to work on Counterparty. I think he would make a good addition to the CP foundation :slight_smile:


I nominate myself.

First and Last name: Ryan Baptiste
BTC Address: 1EuFfnego8Pgb3P1VuUdh283tewQws8Qd1
Tx: 5a87309f401bd62345e046c5f2b96069a6fe14f64c5b9352996dc17a03a86f9f - Counterparty Broadcast

The biggest reason I want to be a member of the Counterparty Foundation is my love for the Counterparty Protocol.

I first learned about CP 4 years ago. I was instantly enamored in three ways:

  1. XCP creation. It wasn’t a scam creation to enrich the creators. It was created for the good of the community. The creators had no obligation to burn the Bitcoin. It was a selfless display of gratitude to Satoshi and the Bitcoin Blockchain.

  2. It’s historic, history making. XCP utilizes the world’s most secure computing network created by Satoshi. I believe Satoshi would be truly enamored by XCP. It protects, secures, and serves as he intended.

  3. The community. Time and time again, I am incredibly impressed by the selfless acts of our leaders. They could of easily given up and cashed in elsewhere, but instead, they stayed course and continued to work.

I truly believe I would make a great foundation member if awarded.

I’m fair, I’m honest, hardworking, and creative.

No matter the price swings or chatter, I have NEVER lost faith in CP and it’s potential.

If you vote for me, I won’t let the CP community down.

It would truly be my honor to serve you.

Thank you!




I would like to nominate Devon Weller.

I do not know Devon personally and never talked to him, but I followed his CP work and threads over the years.

I was always super impressed by Devon and his ability.

The work he has done to lower the TX fees is A++.

I believe Devon resigned from the foundation before, but I would love to welcome him back if he would accept this nomination.

I don’t want Devon to miss the upcoming party :), come on Devon!



My official notice here. https://www.xcpelectionnotice.com/


I would like to nominate @benchbtc

Name: Ben Ch

Bio: I’ve known Ben for more than half my life, Ben has known bitcoin for more than half of it’s life and he has been acquainted with Counterparty for almost all of it’s existence. Years before the bitcoin white paper was published, he would wagecuck tirelessly, while envisioning his future life in a white lab coat. After seven postgrad years behind a (lab)bench :), Ben earned a PhD in Neuroscience, and is an academically published author for his research in normie science. In early 2013, Bench was introduced to the world of magic internet money, and by the end of that same year he was hooked. His foray into Counterparty was initially spurred by interest in the protocol itself, as a “second layer” for bitcoin; but, it wasn’t until tokenized digital artwork, in the form of Rare Pepe cards were created, that Bench was able to fully utilize his diverse skillset. His experience as a scientist in Clown World seamlessly translated to Meme World, where he took on the tough and prestigious role of Rare Pepe Scientist, a position that was an important stepping stone on the road to this nomination for the Counterparty Foundation today. Bench’s unwavering commitment to the space, and to public service, is further exemplified through his tenure at the Bitcorn Foundation, where his moist ideology and dank policies continued to be a guiding force in the unforgiving galaxypepe of memetics. This is a man who saw no fear when Cryptokitties(pussies) attempted to steal the thunder of Rare Pepe, an individual who scoffs at a Polo and Trex delisting (maybe people will use the Dex the way it was intended now?) and only manifests motivation from news of a complete Tux shutdown. Panic sell at will, because Bench is probably padding the bid side knowing that if he is elected, he will Make Counterparty Great Again. If we’re lucky, maybe he’ll dig into his addiction research and ELI5 why our neurotransmitter levels show a strong positive correlation with a cartoon frog.

Photo: (attached)

Address: 15L7U55PASHLEPQKZQZ62E3EQWD9AHB2DH Address Information

TX Broadcast: ba6e6790ffbd4cd3f7b60d6f223daebc58adfd7ba9cc029ee72753b7e2052b63 - Counterparty Broadcast


I would like to nominate @buddha who has been a member of the Counterparty community for many years and has demonstrated through his actions that he loves Counterparty and contributes to its success in every chance he gets.


Solid line-up of candiates here so far- definately support most of the names here as being positive influences past, present and more importantly future.

Would also like to float the idea (as one or two others have mentioned) of a “friends of counterparty/” “sponsor” page to be added, either to the counterparty foundation site or the existing donation page- Where entities- ( whether individuals, exchanges, API’s, Wallet providers etc) could consider donating to the counterparty development/foundation bounty and have their contributions recognized with a logo, URL and description. A number of donation centric coins have adopted a similar approach and found it to be a beneficial decision.





GSOS was issued as the operating right to distribute the non-falling GNs created by Takehisa.

counterparty XCPの可能性は非常に高いと私は感じています。
しかし今のままの仕組みでは、おままごと(Play house)のようにも私は感じます。



                       Japanese Takehisa Osamu





BTC address: 1pUCG1mhhmK1HB8yDM1qQb1SUyZqVusxe
Pending broadcast:
Text: This XCP address was created by Takehisa to store the XCP for securing the value of the GSOS token.


Thanks, jdog -

  • First and Last name: Chris Salinas

  • Bio: Bitcoiner since '15, XCP since '16, I believe bitcoin will be the “xchain”, x like the variable in an equation, x as in anything, x as in everything

  • Picture: small_ava

  • Bitcoin address: 184gKLQTtQU29LXbxbYJkUV4if9SmW6v2d

  • Tx of the broadcast used to verify the ownership of 50 XCP:


I would like to nominate Ryan Peters (@TitaniumP on telegram) who has been a member of the Counterparty community for many years and has demonstrated through his actions that he loves Counterparty and contributes to its success whenever he gets the chance.


I accept this nomination. If selected I will give it my all!


Greetings Alan, J Dog, Trucker and the New Counterparty Foundation and All Counterparty participants

I formally accept my nomination as a Counterparty Foundation Member
I can verify my holdings of 50 XCP. I am from Houston Texas USA.

I am an ordain minister here to serve all. I, Hon. Larry Shelton come with healing in my wings (Malachi 4:2) as for you who fear out of reverence the Most High. My name by birth is Larry Simon or Solomon Shelton, Jr. I realized at the age of 17, I was born of god but still a growing child of the Most High (Psalms 82:6) called by most God, Thehos, Allah, Elohim, Yahweh and even Jah. My interfaith skills affords me the great ability to act as chaplin for the Counterparty Community.

Nominee Proposal:
This nominee a Nibiru Reserve member of Counterparty through the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal Action No. 27655 to end world poverty will make XCP and all counterparty projects and tokens more liquid using Nomni as the Counterparty Community medium of exchange or legal tender asset and liquid base token (NOMNI Asset Information) and by providing the easy access to it’s ecosystem through professional financial applications using financial institutions and merchant payment user cases that will be more appealing to governments, sovereign organizations, and financial institutions. The SDG Action No. 27655 allows goverments through their sovereign wealth and support can immediately give counterparty to issue new legal digital fiat tokens through the SDG action no. 27655 World Treasury Wallet giving Counterparty the push forward that it needs to becoming a more standard bitcoin by product! This nominee is definitely a Counterparty Goodwill Ambassador.

Nominee Wallet:


Best regards
Hon. Larry Shelton
World Temple
World Chaplin


Thank you Truck. Truly a honor my friend!
Lets make CP great again!


Thank you for the nomination JDog and others who has expressed an interest in my nomination.

First and Last Name: Ryan Peters

Bio: Bitcoin and counterparty believer since 2014. Serial entrepreneur with a marketing/advertising and project management background. Passionate about great ideas and new tech. Love bringing good talent together to achieve the impossible.

Picture: ryanpeters

BTC Address: 17CgNPGycaq9p8PPgSQmnX42LVG7fwvqAg

TX: 138f76aa9bb2f58ab5f275b0b0f592b3fa16907f49461bd558b8fca40d767738 - Counterparty Issuance
TX Broadcast: 0280399076cd5919398f5237baefe8b0e43b3932bad8a79f629c714057875777 - Counterparty Broadcast

XCPThoughts: I have loved counterparty since the burn days. I have stayed close to the project for the majority of its existence. I have seen the platform go through many changes over the years, both good and bad. I remember the good ol’days of when CP had tremendous potential. Over the past couple years things have gotten a bit derailed. I would love to help get things back on track and help CP realize its potential. I have many great ideas to help the platform gain exposure and users.

IF Nominated: I will start with funding all the bounties to open up freewallet for all to use (approx 2000xcp). I will also donate 1000 xcp to future CIP funding developments. I will also like to suggest helping with a freewallet re branding, a new CP website, explainer videos on how to use the platform features. I would also like to work towards making it easier for companies to issue legal Security tokens, getting XCP listed on exchanges, encouraging platform tool expansion through CIPs, as well as a viral idea to help gain exposure.

Closing Remarks: I believe in XCP, I believe in its potential and I believe I can help. I am fair, balanced and objective. I am committed, hard working and focused. I would be honored to serve the community I love. Your vote for me will not go wasted. I will truly do my best if elected.


Ryan Peters


I would like to nominate @sasha-256 as she has been a contributing member of Counterparty for a while and has a vast legal background in crypto and I feel she would be a valuable contribution to the Counterparty Foundation.


I’ve changed my mind and no longer wish to run. Please don’t vote for me. I’m sorry.


Theodore Duncan Krostue is an artist and technology aficionado from Michigan who has recently travelled to NYC, Tokyo, San Francisco, and Switzerland to meet with other cryptoartists in real life.

As a direct result of being empowered by publishing in someone else’s system (RarePepe), this independent artist felt compelled to forge a collection of his own which is not as exclusive in theme but aims to reflect best practices in greater ideologies of decentralization and consensus. Distilling his experience as a webdesigner (starting in '97 at an advertising agency, then an ISP, and independently since 2001), a retailer at a record shop, a pre-pressman at a print shop, a technician installing wireless internet (on cell phone towers and country homes) , and as an artist who pirated music and shared it as an art form; this outlier has gained a wide variety of relevant industry perspective. Self-publication of his own and other’s art/music and local booking/performing of events consumed his non-business life. This combined with a passion for social informatics and p2p technology for over two decades has granted him unique insight as an outlier.

Contrary to being a try-hard, yes-man or tough-guy, this critic takes a look at things with a keen perspective and balanced approach. Finesse and customer service is a strong point as an agent this actor takes on a polite and agreeable demeanor for customers and clients. However, this person will not hesitate to play devil’s advocate if an issue needs to be hashed out or resolved behind closed doors. Honesty is such a focus of this individual that if you allow him to overshare he will tell you that he understands his weakness, like not thinking linearly, and makes strives to counteract them. He has been a student of Informatics at IUSB and of Marketing at WGU but took a break from academia to live on the cutting edge of multimedia tokenized with blockchains.

Growing from the understanding for the root word of token being “to teach,” this telegram user assists artists all over the globe to participate in other various CounterParty based cryptoart projects. After being selected by EverdreamSoft to curate the Memorychain and OasisMining collections in Book of Orbs, he began with updating the two whitepapers into one solid plan, drawing an action plan together. This project has since been rebranded and is nearing relaunch. After selling a tokenized print of an illustrated parody on stage at the actual first auction of visual art made for the blockchain at RareAF, he became inspired to found artMuseum.io, to be the world’s first decentralized open-submission museum of cryptoart for any blockchain.

He recently composed a treatise on cryptoart and will be presenting the topic as a lightning talk at dwebcamp.org next month. During the two years of CounterParty experience, this superuser has been keeping dutiful tabs on development. He looks forward to drafting several CIPs in the near future, as he not only sees where XCP is going but where it should be headed. He recently reported a bug on the protocol and looks forward to the opportunity to improve the system as a whole in ways that have not been mentioned publicly due to the highly predatory nature of this industry.

As a commentator of spiritual issues of identity in regards to modes of creative expression, this author self identifies as a blockchain theologian. He also values CounterParty technology over any other blockchain project and already identifies as an XCP advocate. Throughout his six-plus years of blockchain immersion and two decades of p2p exploration, his ultimate inspiration is Pre-Columbian use of cultural artefacts representing bits of social contracts as a pathway for greater understanding of the essence of modern-day virtual wampum.

  • Bitcoin address: 1CQ8iuxrkf4DWsFttDtwyRbrJT8U4R212E
  • Tx 1452777 is the broadcast used to verify the ownership of 50 XCP
  • Thanks RarePepeNews for the nomination, Nathan for his continued support and PepeHawking for his dedication. To all other community members that I have chatted with or met in real life: the pleasure has been mine. thanks :smiley:

Yes, apologies, I was unable to submit this nomination earlier.

I, Bradley C Hughes, of Sydney, NSW, Australia, known on Telegram as HowToBuyTokens and RarePepeNewsdotcom wish to formally nominate T. Duncan Krostue aka @Wampum as a candidate for the 2019 Counterparty Forum Elections.

I acknowledge and commend Duncan @wampum as an energised, passionate, consistent and committed community participant, who is dedicating every effort to supporting the development of digital art projects on Counterparty, as well as other community initiatives.

I believe that not only must the Counterparty Foundation have excellent technologists on its Board, it is also vital we have a strong, articulate voice willing to represent the interests of asset issuers and asset holders in the artistic communities that have sprung up around Counterparty.

I believe Duncan to be such an advocate and I commend him to all community members.


Bradley C Hughes / howtobuytokens / rarepepenewsdotcom


The candidate nomination period has now expired.