Protocol Proposal: Would it be possible to implement "Fees" for Assets issued?

Protocol Proposal: Would it be possible to implement a function for "Fees" on Assets as we have "Dividends"?

Use Case: Customer purchases a Diamond Asset on Counterparty: DMNDXXEAA. However, the diamond requires storage/insurance fees to be paid in BTC to a Centralized or Decentralized Diamond Storage service. A payment request (BIP70) or otherwise is sent to the BTC Address to request payment each month for .01 BTC in fees.
[li][font=verdana][size=1.35em]Fees: Paid in BTC[/size][/font][/li]
[li][font=verdana][size=1.35em]Dividends: Paid in XCP[/size][/font][/li]
[li][font=verdana][size=1.35em]Available fees on the buyers address are required for Give=Asset Orders to any other party[/size][/font][/li]
[/list]Fee set: Fees on assets are set at asset issuance, but can be changed by the issuer. Fees are treated like negative dividends so issuer can request fees at anytime as they are able to issue dividends at any time?

Possible Exceptions: User can move fees out of BTC address and the storage will not be paid and DMNDXXEAA will be "destroyed" or decommissioned as unavailable for sale.

Any further thoughts and ideas on this that I may have missed? Does this seem like an appropriate approach to implementing asset-backed coins in Counterparty?

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