Picopayments (Micropayments, Payment Channels) Testing Topic

###Source Code

  • Use Python3 (pip3 install picopayments-cli)
  • If you install from source, don’t forget to install the requirements first.
  • Picopayments Hub seems to require a patched version of Counterparty - see below in Docs


Make sure you read Testing Guide (the first link).
Bugs should be submitted to the main repo (the first link). Documentation bugs can be submitted either there or to .


  • The primary place for discussion is the Storj Slack.

###Other Notes

  • If you run tests, do a sudo apt-get install libffi-dev -y first
  • Bitcoin Core 0.13 with addrindex patch can be downloaded and built from https://github.com/btcdrak/bitcoin/tree/addrindex-0.13 (0.12.1 addrindex can be used, 0.13 isn’t required, but since you’re testing you might as well try v0.13 addrindex)

Keywords: micropayments, segwit, storj, sjcx, counterparty, xcp, payment channels